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Each member’s dues are to be paid no later than June 1st each year.

Clubs pay $60 for the year and businesses or Associate members pay $30 for the year (June 1st to June 1st)

Checks can be made payable to  San Diego Association Of Car Clubs and mailed to

San Diego Association of Car Clubs
PO Box 601384
San Diego, CA 92160


Club Name
Representatives name
Alternate representatives name
Club or reps address
Telephone number
E-mail address
Club website address


One of the benefits to being a member of the San Diego Association Of Car Clubs is your ability to obtain event insurance for your club.  To obtain a 2 million dollar certificate for either an event you are organizing or coverage for your group function answer ALL of the following questions about your event. (Additional fees may apply for associate members).  Answers must be complete and the names and addresses must be specific. After completion please e mail to the address below.

We appreciate at least 30 day advance notice to obtain your certificate or as much time as possible.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

1. Name of requesting region of chapter (The name of your club).

2. Club contact person for this event (The person we would contact with any questions).

3. Phone number AND E-mail (both! for the contact person above).

4. Date of event.

5. Approximate number of “members” of your club that will attend (not number of people attending).

6Type of event (example: parade or car show).

7. Location of event, to include full physical street address, including zip code.

8. Owner of the premises where this event will be held.

Please e mail the answers to ALL of the above questions to Nick Condos at

You will be contacted soon after you submit your request.



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